So our Christmas/Summer holidays are coming to an end...

Time to put my room back together...

Always such a daunting task! Here's what I get to start with

Yep. Tiny. Messy.  That bright area USED to be the back door! They extended it about another 2 metres the year I started to give us a bit more space. Tried to cover stuff with sheets so that when the cleaners cleaned the exposed ceiling trusses the dust wouldn't go all over everything. Yeah... no. The carpets were cleaned first, which meant those guys moved everything around.  Dust abounds!

And that's about as far back as I could get. Tiny Room.  Still. It used to be smaller!

This is that same back wall from a different angle.  The green area is for student work and anchor charts (somehow it normally ends up being math, but it isn't actually a designated math space) The yellow area is our goals, which are going up as we introduce our new topics. The whiteboard underneath has our literacy and math groups on it, our interactive weather and calendar charts ( I'm LOVING these!), and our weekly BUILD rotations. The blue section is also for student work and our anchor charts.

This picture is taken from the same point but a quarter turn to the right :)
This area houses my (messy) desk. It has the shelf in front of it to shield piles of junk paperwork and other vitally important bits and pieces from the sight of everyone who walks into the room. The shelf has felt on the visible side, and at the moment is being used as a sign in, where the students move there name as they arrive in the morning. Sometimes we use it for sorting. The other side of the shelf houses activities and resources I'm not quite yet ready to let the kids into JUST yet :)

This is the wall behind the yellow table in the picture above. It has our learning focuses for science, math, tricky words, sounds, themes, rules, values and our devotions. It is a busy, busy, interactive area that changes constantly.

This is the side of the class you can't see from the front door. Bookshelf and resource storage for the most part. And a picture awaiting it's hooks upcoming installation on the wall. That is the most incredible print I've ever been given. Mostly because it's been partially hand-scripted with my favourite bible verse. 

Another view of our learning focus wall. And the messy shelf I shove stuff into when I don't know where to put it and I don't want to look at it anymore. I mean, important resources that have a purpose. I might no be sure what it is though.

 My front door and easel. Pretty plain. This is slightly next to my focus wall, so it's easy to get stuff on and off it. Plus my amazing mat is in between.

This isn't actually where it is, but meh. I forgot to take a photo when I put it in it's place. Woops.

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