Sunday, 28 January 2018

Back to School 2018

It's been an interesting start to the year already.
All brand new kiddos for the year! Some I know... some I've met. Some are completely unknown. I'm excited to meet them all and get right into the year!

Here are some quick snaps of my room this year.

I wanted more neutral coloured walls as I think the bright colours, posters, etc can be overstimulating. Half of my walls are blue and most of my tables are BRIGHT yellow as it is. And then I spent most of Term 1 trying to get kids to focus! I ended up with light purple as it was the 'quietest' colour we had available. My sound wall (not pictured) has a pale gold coloured paper.

It's all kind of in a holding pattern at the moment. I had a new interactive whiteboard ordered (yay!) but hasn't been installed yet. It is significantly larger than my current one, so I want to see what wall space I have available once it's installed before I finish everything off. I'll post some better pictures when I have it sorted out into a more permanent manner :)

My goal is to be more active on my blog this year. I had some health issues that bothered me a bit last year (surgery is not fun), and of course, my incredibly amazing holiday. Yes, Disneyworld is everything it claims to be... and I want to go back! I also got into instagram a bit last year and it distracted me! You can connect with me on instagram for all kinds of stuff- school, personal and whatever else I happen to find amusing at the time!

One of the things that has helped me so much is my organiser. I was given so many bits of paper last week, and right now I know exactly where to find them, along with all my notes.

I have updated my organiser on TPT so that the calendar doesn't need updating anymore- you just need to pop your own numbering in. A forever product!
I've also added an extremely discounted bundle of organisers!

My routines are.... slowly.... coming. We've had a few hiccups that have slowed the process, but slow and steady.. persistent and consistent... and we'll get there! I'm happy to take it slowly in order to set my kids up for success.

I read this book at the start of every year to get my head back in the game and to remind me of all the hard work I'm about to do, in simple, uplifting, bite-size chunks. I love that it's mostly in two sentence paragraphs with the underlying tone of 'you got this'. It makes it much easier to read!

I am putting in a completely shameless plug for it here, because I think EVERY teacher should own a copy! I loved it so much I shared it with a colleague, and before I knew it, the school had ordered a copy for every classroom in the primary campus. It really is that good!

I normally read for half an hour at bedtime, and I got through this in less than a week.

I hope everyone is getting ready for a fantastic year and I'm looking forward to connecting with everyone a whole lot more over the coming weeks!

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