Monday, 2 January 2017

It's a new day and everything's broken!

Well, happy new year!

It's been a big day already.

I had big plans for today. Plenty of laminating. My teacher aide likely won't be at school during that critical week before school starts. She normally does a lot of the setting up and preparation stuff because I tend to be booked out with meetings and PD all week with hour blocks left free here and there. So I'm trying to do as much as I can before I go back.

Had my laminating all prepared and ready to go.... And my laminator is dead. I had to yank one of the pieces out... It was rolled up like a poster. Hubby pulled it apart but that machine is dead. RIP.

Oh well. I'll get some printing done and laminate at school in a week or so. Guess not. Printer is printing everything twice on each page, between 1-5 mm away from the original spot so everything looks fuzzy or blurry. I only just got it back from being repaired last week for the same problem.

I received a recall notice for my car's indicator switch. What a bother!

My shoe strap came off my shoe. First world problem right there. Time to stop whining about everything I touch breaking.

I decided to do a superhero theme for my class this year. I've got what appears to be an active little bunch of learners coming in. I know the ones that went to our kindy (preschool in the US? Whatever informal facility that comes before your kinder anyway) played with hero capes often. I think it might just be the perfect vehicle to transition them into formal schooling, learning our rules and values, and also growth mindset!

I've never done a proper theme before (my displays are normally what we're learning and student work. No room for fancy/cool/nice looking theme displays- small space) and I'm a little concerned I may over do the coordinating colour scheme.

Also, I'm supposed to be getting a new pin board type thingy installed over the holidays.... But I have no idea which wall or how big it is, so that may change things too.

I've also decided to move my furniture layout for the first time in three years. I'm not overly excited about this. I managed to have a really open room despite it being smaller than I would like. But I have this sinking feeling that the old layout just won't work for these kids.

Plus I want a dedicated reading space again. I had to swap that and home corner out in a sacrificial play to get the floor space I wrangled. Still working on a way to develop a home corner back into the mix. Our class sizes are a little bigger now than they were back when I last had one, so it may be a squeeze.... And I don't like being squished.

I can't even use an online floor planner as I don't know the room dimensions, there are small sections of wall in an awkward place or two, and part of the floor is angled so furniture can't go there. My furniture is largely mismatched and different sizes. Sometimes we swap it around as well so I may not have the exact ones I had last year. It's tricky to plan!

My goal for the beginning of this year is to really look at storage afresh. As almost every teacher in the world understands, we don't have enough storage space! What that led to was designated cupboards for different things staff throughout the two rooms. Which means none of the art or craft supplies are in my room. All of the reading schemes, maths and literacy resources are in my room. Fine motor, blocks and construction toys are spread haphazardly been both. The puzzles are all next door.

While we all generally know where everything is, we discovered it limits our spontaneity and our ability to follow the children's lead because we cant leave the room to access the resources we need right that very moment. I'm not sure we can completely fix that, but I'm sure there can be improvements made somehow.

So much to do! And as much as I want to do it all RIGHT now.... I can't do any of it!

Reading my million books I got for Christmas it is! 😂

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