Friday, 25 March 2016

Heeeeeeeere we go!

Tomorrow is the big day. Our little family set out on our adventure.
Almost everyone we know thinks we are insane driving so far, and with kids!
We are totally looking forward to it.

My house is currently covered in... well, everything.
My packing schedule wasn't strictly adhered to.
Things that were 'packed' (read that as thought about, partially set aside and then forgotten about) have gone missing (usually put back where they belong, fancy that!) and the result is a half-packed bunch of stuff, masses of mess and laundry, as well as random things that have been pulled out to access other stuff not yet being put away.

The family was informed we will NOT be leaving until the house resembles my neat and tidy home again.

Onto something totally different, Happy Easter.
I hope everyone safely enjoyed their Good Friday.

I am so grateful that Jesus died for me.

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