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New Year's Resolutions Vs SMART Goals

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I'll admit it.

I don't do New Year's Resolutions. I can't.
If you want to change things of your life, you write a good goal (I like to use SMART goals). You start straight away.
You don't decide to start next year. If it's not important enough to start now, you could easily put it off for another year. Another month. I'll get to it. No wonder so many resolutions go unachieved.
Smart goals are:
 Specific- what exactly will you achieve?
 Measureable- How will you know you have achieved it? What does it look like?
 Achievable- How can I make it happen? It won't happen by itself!
 Realistic- Is it humanly possible to do this in the time frame? Is it important?  Is it worthwhile?
 Timed- When will I achieve it by? What are long term steps? What are short term steps? What can I do right now?

They help you to make a plan and action it!

So here we are. My goals  for the year.

1. Water. (this is an ongoing one I started back in July)
 Specific- I will drink 8 glasses of water a day (2L)
 Measureable- I will be drinking 8 glasses of water a day (2L)
 Achievable- reminders, small increases, build it into my routine.
 Realistic- Important for my health, my family and my work.  Not a 'should' but a 'have to'
 Timed- I will achieve it by the end of the year. I will start with 1 600ml drink bottle each day, starting today, increasing to a 1L bottle, both the 1L bottle and the 600ml bottle, and then 2 of the 1L bottles. This increase will occur at LEAST at the beginning of each term, but earlier if possible.

2. Family (This is an ongoing one I started last year and am building on)
 Specific- I will spend less of my Friday night working on school, and none of my weekend. I will make sure that I am spending more time outside of the house experiencing the world with my family.
 Measureable- My kids won't ask me to stop working to do other things. Outings, camping or hikes most weekends.
 Achievable- Follow my organisational plan. Stick to it. Might need a later night on Thursday during busy times.
 Realistic- It's important for my family. They are more important than my class. Yes, I said it!
 Timed- By June. Spend more time before school starts to set up organisation and routines and make things work more efficiently for me.

 Specific- Will hide and log the geocache that has been sitting in my room for the past year.
 Measureable- It will not be in my house and will be found by a fellow Geocacher.
 Achievable- Take it with us when we go on the outings mentioned in Goal 2.
 Realistic-Should have done it ages ago!
 Timed- By Easter. Think and plan for good hiding places.

 Specific- I will read my bible at least once a day, by myself.
 Measureable- Reading my bible every day as a habit, not an item on a checklist!
 Achievable- start with a checklist. Enrol in bible college. Sign up for reading plan on my bible app.
 Realistic- Definitely possible, and worthwhile.
 Timed- Achieved by September. Start using the habit checking app as a reminder system. Try to do it BEFORE it checks progress.

 Specific- Find strengths with new class, and identify 2 aspects of this area to work on with buddy mentor.
 Measureable- I will be able to identify the 2 areas and have a record of mentor interactions on the topic outlining progress and new learning.
 Achievable- Have someone to keep me accountable. Keep a record for PD requirements.
 Realistic- Professional growth is always important, and is part of the job.
 Timed- By the end of the year. Identify aims by Easter. Write a blog post about learning in September.

2. Weakness
 Specific- Identify an area of weakness with new class and build on it
 Measureable- research and action research in the classroom, record of what has improved
 Achievable- Buddy mentor, record for PD, Possible PD or new texts on the topic, student engagement with area.
 Realistic- Must improve for student's sakes.
 Timed- By September. Identify weakness by Easter. Write accountability post in June and November.

3. Early Intervention
 Specific- Raise awareness and support for children requiring early intervention who would otherwise be overlooked due to age.
 Measureable- I will have written at least 2 emails to relevant people urging more support. I will have advocated within the profession, and will have made certain to identify any children in need of intervention and created a specific plan to address their needs the best I can.
 Achievable- Purposefully scheduling emails into my calendar, planning for professional discussions and keeping accountable data recording and analysis systems.
 Realistic- Again, yes. Just has to be done.
 Timed- By the end of the year. Will need to continue this into the future to make a real, lasting change.

4.Dyslexia Awareness
Specific- I will raise awareness in my community about dyslexia
 Measureable- I will have run at least 1 parent workshop, one blog post and one dyslexia boot camp. Make connections with local Speechies and OT's.
 Achievable- Strategically planning these events into my Organisation Binder
 Realistic- Yes.  I am the only person in my area qualified to do so.
 Timed- By December.

As you have noticed, a lot of my goals require planning, organisation and routines.
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Don't forget to leave a comment and let me know what your goals are. Do you use SMART goals too?

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