Thursday, 3 December 2015

Our Year Has Finished!

It's over!

In Australia, our school year ends in December.

My class are no longer mine.

New kids to learn all about coming in 6 weeks.

What... am I meant to do now?

Lots of things to work through.

Relief. I had a hard group of kids this year.
Sad. I'm gonna miss those monkeys.
Excited. I packed my room up for cleaning today. I want to organise it already!
Flat. I want to make new resources to use with my new class... but I am having zero inspiration. I have half a dozen projects I haven't finished yet and I'm not entirely motivated to finish them (someone actually had the same idea and got their product finished before I did.. and I haven't decided how to rework it yet).

I did get some really generous gifts from my kiddos this year.  Including a massage voucher that I will definitely be redeeming very soon.  I also got a gorgeous photo frame, some gorgeous lillies (favourites!) a pair of crystal vases (Oh my WOW!?) hardly any chocolate (THANK GOODNESS!- I am trying to slim down a bit) and some cute hair pins to go with my new haircut. Also the kazillion gorgeous tree decorations and handcreams that inevitably come when you don't get chocolate :) I seriously think that my tree has more ornaments from past students than my own children have made.  It's so much fun pulling them out every year and remembering who gave them to me.

I also got some lovely gifts from my team, including an amazing Nepalese cashmere wrappy-scarfy thingy, a crystal nail file (I'm CONSTANTLY getting my nails caught and snagged on stuff at school), and a few other lovely things. I was actually showered this week. On our last day of school my team also decided to have a birthday party for me, which included both classes of kids singing happy birthday while we were about to have our class celebration. And there were flowers, and cake, and more gifts, including a card that exploded love heart shaped sequins.

It wasn't my birthday.
I don't celebrate my birthday, so I haven't shared it with anyone... so they make one up for me. It is truly a surprise every year.
Last year they managed to spread it over an entire week. Awkward. But sweet.

Our class party was great. Being the beginning of summer, we have a wet play morning followed by food.  As we had a little monkey who was allergic to latex, my normal water-bombing escapades were put on hold til next year. We did however, take our revenge on the kids with water squirters and a hose. The kids weren't allowed to have the squirters. They had sponges in buckets they could throw at each other. Until they figured they could turn on the teachers. The other prep teacher went wild and used three squirters at a time! She then turned the hose on me.  I wasn't planning on getting wet! Wearing denim shorts and all. We all ended up completely soaked.  I get the idea some of the kids didn't like me as much as they let on. They were relentless!

I'm very appreciative of the love that's been sent my way this week, and was very excited to give out my gifts to everyone as well.

But what do I do now!!!?
I'm sure over the coming weeks you'll find out all about the hidden hobbies I've forgot I enjoy.
And every other random thought that went through my head.

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