Thursday, 22 October 2015

New Blog... and a giveaway YAY!!

Design Infusions has done an incredible job of making my blog look spectacular! I just can't believe how absolutely perfect it has turned out. It's better than I had hoped!

I can't believe there is only about 5ish weeks of school left... 29 Teaching Days left!! Exciting, but still oh so much to do in the meantime!

Anyway.. In celebrating my brand new blog and my re-connection to the world through social media (I am now officially no longer a snob!), as well as opening a new TPT store, AND my ten year anniversary next month, I am going to be giving 5 amazing people (because hey, I might not even have 5 amazing people read this... or even 5 normal people) my new vowel sorting packet for FREE!

It will include:

Short/long a picture sort
Short/long e picture sort
Short/long i picture sort
Short/long o picture sort
Short/long u picture sort
Short medial vowel picture and word sort
Long vowel picture sort

Silent e word sort (long a)
Silent e word sort (long e)
Silent e word sort (long i)
Silent e word sort (long o)
Silent e word sort (long u)

Long vowel alternative spelling word and picture sorts (ay,ai)
Long vowel alternative spelling word and picture sorts (ey,ee,ea)
Long vowel alternative spelling word and picture sorts (igh, ie, y)
Long vowel alternative spelling word and picture sorts (ow, oa, oe)
Long vowel alternative spelling word and picture sorts (ue, oo)

Yep. 23 vowel sorts. For Free.

The best part? You will have them before I even put them for sale in my store! I haven't finished making them JUST yet, which means that if you have any requests for design themes, I may be able to accommodate you!

So what do you need to do to get hold of this awesome giveaway?
It's so SIMPLE!
Just leave a comment below before November 25 with:
  •  your email address and
  • your top 3 time saving tips for getting everything school-related done before the Christmas holidays sets in

That's it! I will pick the 5 most helpful or creative tipsters to be the winners.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. I love the new design! Thank you for linking this up with my first Teaching Tuesday link up party. If you included a square or vertical graphic I can pin it for you to drive more traffic.

    My three tips are to figure out if/what student gifts you are doing EARLY so you're not scrambling at the last minute! Another would be to look over the standards (I actually normally do this over the break) to make sure you are really covering what you think you are, and this allows me to see where I need to up my game during the second semester. And my third tip would be to schedule some fun into those days before the break. You and the students have worked hard so far this year! My theory is work hard, play hard - so reward yourself! =)

    ~Heather aka HoJo~

  2. Aha.. I will include one next time around!
    Those are great tips! Fortunately, Christmas break is actually the end of our teaching year, so we don't need to stress so much about covering curriculum content as much as getting reports done!
    I do love our end of year parties... I start pinning ideas way back in JUNE!


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