Friday, 30 October 2015

Five for Friday.. and possibly the worst day ever


Happy Friday!

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I actually made my giant cloud and sun with my class as part of our weather unit way back in March... But it still makes me happy.  Reality is that it is just too big to get rid of until the end of year clean up when the school has a skip bin handy! But everyone who comes in to visit LOVES it!

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Appreciating the world we live in

I did something really unusual and actually went through the photo album on my phone. There are so many beautiful places around where I live.  Feeling very blessed to be here.

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right brained people

I myself, am mostly an analytic list making lefty, with some aspects of the righty thrown in. Things like big picture and holistic thinking. NOT the creativity. I really appreciate the creative people around my life and the way they can bring to light so many other possibilities than my if...then.. programming can deliver.

They make life more colourful and interesting :)

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Good friends

A friend of mine is going through a rough time right now. I hadn't been very great at keeping in contact this year and we've not spoken in several months just because of the business of life.
It's always good to know your friends are still there when you need them.
It's even better when time passing doesn't change things.

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Sorry, I had to.

My class are a particularly interesting brand of difficult this year.
Today, I not only head to do a headlice check (Why are you checking my hair Miss? Oh you don't have to do that. I have Tonnes of them! I can feel them running around up  there! SUPER GROSS!),
 but we also had to do a buttcheck. Yep. I made that word up.

There was a smell. An Awful smell. Worse than the Bog of Eternal Stench (anyone whose seen The Labrynth knows what I'm sayin!). The kids noticed. Every now and then the aircon caught hold of it and it would literally smack you in the face. A few times I had to stop teaching mid sentence just to recover from it. No one wanted to own up to it.  I had not only one, but TWO messy bottoms!

Oh, but that's not all!
During this process we also discovered someone had wet themself. It went in my socks and cooled my feet down Mrs T! I didn't know it could do that! Yep. He was wet and loving every minute of it.

It couldn't possibly get worse you say?  oh but it does.

Enter kid vomiting in the bin. Exit stage left.
Enter kid with fist sized hole in his uniform over the belly button area. Look Miss! I can put my hand straight through! I made it bigger with scissors!
Enter kid crying because he got in trouble for hitting someone. I thought it was someone else (the vomiting kid) I said sorry when I saw it wasn't him! Why is it ok to hit him? He doesn't know he can hit me back! Everyone else whacks me!

And to think I had 5 kids away today.

Still. It wasn't as bad as the time I sat in kids wee and had to sit through a staff meeting in a wet skirt.
Or the time my entire class watched me vomiting in a garden on our way to the pick up area.
Coulda been worse.

Cheer me up! Tell me about your worst day!


  1. Omg, your number five! You poor thing. I hope you have a great weekend to make up for the butt check!

    Years That Ask Questions

  2. Where do you live? It looks beautiful!

    I do feel for you for number five! Sounds like one of your worst days! I know how that feels and we only have 7 in a class! Days like that are just exhausting! It's one thing after another! Your giant cloud and sun look amazing though :)

    Teaching Autism

  3. I live in Cairns, Australia. It IS beautiful.. but somehow we seem to forget how totally amazing this place really is!

    Yeah... I could quite happily forget yesterday ever happened... but one day I'm sure it's going to be a funny story.

  4. I am dying laughing about your bad day! Sorry! But, hilarious! :) And your blog looks great!

  5. Thanks for stopping by, I'm glad my bad day brightened yours 😀


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