Friday, 23 October 2015

Five for Friday Linky Party


1. My first linky :)
Not gonna lie. Kinda excited. Maybe a lot.

2. Best kid quote of the week?
Me: Ooh what's that smell?
Kid: Victory. *sniffs air* Yep. That's the smell of victory.
It turned out to actually be deodorant, but hey. It's better than the usual smell of armpits that follows the lunch break!

3. Fruit muesli yoghurt.
Our tuckshop has the BEST fruit muesli yoghurt. I may be a little biased because my sister-in-law makes them... but they are seriously amazing. It makes Friday oh so much better!

4.  Biggest face palm moment?
When the kid who has been acting out all week is 'punished' with a fishing trip and an 'early' bedtime of 9.30pm. 

5. That Friday after school moment when you realise that you can sleep in tomorrow and enjoy your own kids for a change, and then you discover a colleague has left a little happy gift on your desk for you!

No, it wasn't chocolate (although who doesn't love that!?), it was actually a cute little elf with a really long nose. She used a permanent marker and wrote JOY ELF on it, and made sure to leave a happy little note to let me know who it was from.

I must admit, the note is actually a necessity in our school. We have a year-long secret santa type activity the women run, so gifts can be easily mistaken as being from our secret heart sister! Wish I took a picture. I left him on my desk to brighten my day on Monday morning. Some mornings coffee just doesn't cut it to bring that joyful smile to start your week out the right way!

How do you start your Monday's off?


  1. Your post is hilarious! I was the same way with my first link up! Welcome! P.S. that week long secret santa thing is awesome.

    Love Learning With Liana Blog

  2. Thanks, I've just followed your blog. It looks great! :)


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