Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Almost There... the end of another year

Hi to the exactly 0 people reading this, because I haven’t been able to use google to find myself.

I’ve found myself in a really busy time, full of testing and interviews and other massive events going on.

There just isn’t enough time in the day!

This year, my class has been very interesting. They were a very young group of munchkins and are really only just starting to mature, which means some of the conversations and experiences I have had this year were brand new territory. Did you know that it is actually not only possible, but sometimes necessary to tell the same little munchkin three weeks running that it is NOT okay to lick the teacher? Or that people actually don’t enjoy it when you stick your tongue in their ear?

Definitely unchartered territory for me.

In Australia, we are finishing up term 3, and our school year finishes in November, so I won’t have these little munchkins much longer. At our interviews next week we will be discussing progress so far, and also flagging anyone we have any concerns for. Our main focus with this age is their overall maturity and literacy/numeracy skills.  We don’t get much time to spend with these parents, and for some kids, this is the ONLY time I get to see their parents.

It’s really tricky to tell someone all about everything their child can do, where they could improve, as well as really appreciate WHO the child is. As a mum, I am much more concerned about whether my child is a decent human being than anything else, and I don’t just want to hear about their academic stuff. I want to feel that their teachers KNOW who they are and what they are all about.  My boys have great teachers this year who do keep in pretty regular contact- definitely no complaints there. They would probably have some great stories to share. I’m glad they don’t :).

It’s a bit scary to think that very soon, I’ll be on school holidays (possibly on jury duty for the entire time! There should definitely be a rule about that…) and then I only have about 9 more weeks with these munchkins before I have to pass them on to grade one and start


I think that’s probably the hardest part of teaching Prep. You finally get the class right where you want them… and then your back to the very beginning with some new munchkins…. this is how we wash our hands. Don’t eat the garden.


Okay, I hope I don’t have to do that one next year!

Tomorrow is a brand new day :)

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